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WISE and Dartmouth College are able to provide students with unique and collaborative advocacy, support and information around gender-based violence, including relationship violence, sexual violence, and stalking. You may choose to connect with people on campus and/or advocates at WISE. We will not judge you or tell you what to do. We are with you and here to advocate for your needs


WISE has an office on campus on where students, faculty and staff are able to meet in person with a WISE Advocate. WISE advocates are available every hour, every day by calling our crisis line at 866-348-WISE. You can visit the Campus Advocate on Mondays from 8am-4pm or schedule an appointment by calling 866-348-WISE. The WISE office on campus is located 37 Dewey, room 452. Stop by!


WISE is confidential, free, and available every hour, every day. Please note that resources on campus that are identified as "private" are required to share all disclosures of sexual assault, sexual or gender-based harassment, dating or domestic violence, and stalking with the Title IX Coordinator. Resources identified as "confidential" may not share your information without your expressed consent unless there is imminent danger to self or others, or as otherwise required by law.


Communication with WISE around gender-based violence, including relationship violence, sexual violence, and stalking is privileged, which means WISE advocates will not share your information to anyone, as long as you are 18 years or older. 17

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